On a personal note | When I'm not coding or pushing pixels, I love exploring new places. Road tripping across the country twice, down through Baja Mexico more than once and up and down the West Coast alone helped me gain the confidence and courage to do anything I set my mind to. It taught me to develop goals, plan and execute decisions with purpose, and gain design inspiration and perspective from new surroundings as seen in my portfolio design concept.
These experiences shifted my priorities professionally by allowing me to discover what drives me to succeed internally. I challenged myself and developed a strong understanding of who I am and what I can accomplish, adapt to and make happen with hard work.

Upstate New York

Where adventure begins

South Dakota

Nothing like miles and miles of flat grassy meadows in our nation's heartland

Devil's Tower National Monument

Camping with my furry companion with the face of this national monument as our backdrop

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

My love for Mexican food and my love for Los Angeles summed up

Bozeman, Montana

A cool little mountain town full of great beer, coffee and culture

Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Beautiful natural color gradients and thermal features

Yellowstone National Park South

Rugged terrain, wildlife and geysers

Grand Tetons National Park

After visiting these mountain views I will never be the same

South Lake Tahoe

The clearest skies and bluest alpine waters

Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach

A street full of art and Southern California vibes

Manhattan Beach

Watching the surfers hit the pier break as the sun sets over the Pacific

Santa Monica

My first big solo adventure

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Skiping major highway routes brought me through endless forests and huge volcanoes in the Cascade Range

Joshua Tree National Park

Harsh climate, beautiful sunsets, lumpy desert terrain and unique trees

Big Sur Coastal State Park

The road twists and turns with the ocean always to the west and forested mountains to the east

Oahu, Hawaii

Hiking through scenic lava fields and caves


Artsy culture and iconic sunsets

Mammoth Mountain

Skiing in the morning and on the beach by early noon

Baja Mexico Coastal Route

My favorite accidental discovery

Valle da Guadalupe

The best kept secret of Baja Mexico

Zion Canyon National Park

Hiking the trails leading along the oversized canyon walls

Yosemite National Park

This area had so many layers and ranges of elevations

Sequoia National Park Alpine Lake

It's a tough hike up, but the deep blue water and contrast of light colored rocks are memorable

Northern California

Here I encountered the cutest marine life and the prettiest sunsets

Oregon Coast

Deep cliffs and a misty marine layer rolling through the tall evergreens

San Juan Islands

Sunset views, whales and sea food in the beautiful Pacific Northwest


My brother's rescue pup, living the good life in a seaport city

Glacier National Park

Forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and deep blue lakes


Surroundings so stunning it was tough to keep my eyes on the long road

Theadore Roosevelt National Park

Hiking through the barren hills and canyons of our nation's heartland

Lake Champlain, Burlington

Pristine, clear water, and an eclectic beer and ice cream loving city

Bar Island, Bar Harbor

The land of lobster, freezing water, maritime culture and salty potatoes

Acadia National Park

Full of viewpoints, sailors' superstitions and shipwrecks

Baja Mexico, Low Tide

An afternoon of exploring the ocean floor, poking sea anemones and cliff views of the coast from a new perspective

Channel Islands National Park

On a mission to hit all 9 California National Parks

Oahu, Hawaii

This beautiful island made me realize I need adult swimming lessons

Muscle Beach, Venice

The first place my pup and I found ourselves calling home on the West Coast

Red Woods National Forest

Cruising down the Avenue of the Giants, through some amazing stretches of redwood forest

North Dakota | Going Home

This view is always a bittersweet one, driving back East as the sun sets in the West through the grasslands

Yosemite National Park

Deep cliffs, surface covering waterfalls and almost always a misty rainbow


Bright blue water, abandoned World War II pillboxes and insane views

Acadia National Park

A slightly different salty ocean smell and a new ocean path trail


High tide and always full of sunshine and surfers